What is “Genuine” Japanese Wine?

We have long been enjoying our fine alcohol culture, Sake. But under the wave of modernization, some started to drink wine, enjoyed it, and started making it in Japan. Although the history itself goes back to 8th century, they were modified into Japanese culture, and most of them were sweet, just fermented fruits liquor. In addition, there is still no Wine Law in Japan, thus there is no regulation to make wine in Japan like most of the other wine producing countries. This is why there are still many pseudo-Japanese wines which are made from imported ingredients; In current law, if you ferment imported grape/must in Japan, or even you blend imported wine in Japan, you can call it as Kokusan (国産; domestically produced wine).

On the other hand, many people concern the missing identity of Japanese wine. In 2002, Nagano prefecture declared their own (prefecture level) AOC system to protect the name of Nagano’s fine wine regions. This movement was followed by Koshu-city in Yamanashi prefecture in 2010. In addition, many wine makers, professionals, and private organizations started to encourage Genuine Japanese Wine, Nihon-Wine (日本ワイン; Japan wine), which is made from ingredients 100% made in Japan. Those wines are made in the method of global standard, and styles are diverse, i.e., sparkling by traditional method, dry/sweet white, dry/sweet rose, light/full bodied red, and fortified wine.

And now, Japanese Wine Law is under Diet deliberation and the number of Genuine Japanese Wine is increasing. We Japanese are proud of our product, and want as many people on the globe as possible to enjoy its true finesse and flavor.

Here in VJW, only those Genuine Japanese Wineries are introduced. We wish you could enjoy them during your stay in Japan with fine Japanese cuisine.